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This week's top stories about e-coaching

E-coaching and e-learning have been some of the most frequently used words during the COVID-19 pandemic. While some countries have opened back up and flattened the curve, others are still in the thick of the pandemic. Therefore, e-coaching and e-learning are still very important and are being used in all sorts of areas. This week we thought we would spotlight four different recent news articles about e-coaching to show you how this area is growing and booming during these tough times.

Article 1: New York Post: “Most Americans believe gyms will become a thing of the past after coronavirus”

The United States is still in the thick of the pandemic, and most states have not opened up gyms yet, or if they have, with heavy restrictions. What this article shows is that Americans have grown to love their online fitness classes and coaches. Hard to embrace at first and missing their gyms, it was not an easy transition. However, according to this article, 3 in 4 Americans now find it easier to keep up with their fitness routines at home rather than going to the gym! Furthermore, 64 percent of the survey respondents stated that they are much more interested in at-home fitness than they were before the quarantine. This is great news for those looking to get involved as an online fitness coach, as there is a huge demand right now.

Article 2: Wbz News Radio: “Celtics Player to coach in online basketball camp”

Another downside to this pandemic is the cancellation of most summer camps in countries struggling, such as the United States. Kids are used to spending time with friends and participating in fun activities during these summer months, and due to restrictions, in-person camps are just not possible. Kemba Walker and other NBA and WNBA basketball players decided to jump on this opportunity to offer online basketball camps. The Jet Academy will include question and answer sessions, videos, and live video calls in order to offer the best experience for the participants. This article shows that it is important to find your niche, and take advantage of this situation to grow your business, digitally.

Article 3: Tribune India: “Online coaching comes to pupils rescue”

Stepping away from sports and fitness for these last two articles, in India, online coaching has been quite important for students preparing for important exams. Many coaching centers in India have decided to go exclusively online, and offer their services at a distance. Other centers have decided that even when they are allowed to open up again, they will continue to offer online services as they recognize their benefits. Students who would have been lost and struggling without their coaches can now breathe again thanks to the digitalization of their coaching centers.

Article 4: News Center Maine: “Healthy Acadia, Maine Alliance for Recovery Coaching offering free online recovery coaching”

In the uppermost eastern corner of the United States, two drug and substance abuse recovery centers in Maine have decided to offer free online coaching and support for family and friends of those recovering. The course will be held on Zoom for an initial long session, and then a follow-up meeting every month. The course will provide resources and information for those looking to help their loved ones through these difficult times, or even for those who would just like to learn about what to do in cases of substance use and how to help others. These two centers offering these free courses show all the good work we can do with online coaching and distance learning.

It is clear that e-coaching and e-learning are the future. From sports to schools to mental health support, e-coaching has a place in every domain. Have an idea and want to get started now? Drop us a line at

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