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About us

" Unleash expert knowledge, developing a healthier world together"

Founders & Vision

Founders & Vision

Dan Hafner

CEO & Co-founder

For several years, we have improved our technology and optimized our tools. Our strategy has been to take part in pilot projects to obtain validations from the highest Swiss authorities and to work with recognized global institutions such as the IOC (youth olympic games 2018 & 2020), INSEP and FISU.

Our desire has always been to offer our customers independent platforms to separate databases and for responsible management of personal data of their users.

Joab Di Francesco

CTO & Co-founder

Our ambition is to enable all new technologies to meet their target, and to improve their relevance through good use of data.
And we do it in compliance with privacy and GDPR regulations.
We want to demonstrate that data is a tool that can be used for good. :)

Let's educate the world together, let's catapult new technologies to those who need them.

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Our team has offices in the EPFL Innovation Park, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Our Team

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