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Increase your client base as an online coach with these 4 strategies

One of the most challenging parts of being an online coach is expanding your clientele. With a saturated market and not always being able to create that face-to-face connection, it may be hard to get a client to choose you as their online coach. The most important thing you can do is gain the trust of prospective clients, afterward, they will be willing to rely on you for their coaching needs. Check out our four tips below to help you attract more clients!

1. Develop a logo

Not many well-known, respected businesses go without a logo. It is important that you do this for your business too! Create a logo that is unique, yet simple, and gets your message across without fuss. Some of the best-known logos are those that are straightforward and unpretentious. It is time to think of yourself and your services as a real, legitimate business, that way others will too.

2. Use social media to your advantage

Social media is a huge way to expand your clientele. Using Instagram and hashtags could help expand your business and attract new potential clients. Creating content that is unique and stands out without a doubt encourages clients to choose you as their online coach. Responding to comments and DM’s is a great way to connect with your followers and help them gain trust in you. Many people are looking for a sense of community these days- fostering that feeling on your page could greatly increase your clientele and follower count.

3. Ask for client testimonies

Reaching out to current clients to write reviews for you could be a gamechanger. People are usually hesitant to try out any service that lacks reviews, therefore, client testimonies are crucial! If you do not have any current clients, offer to work at a discounted rate, to build up those priceless client reviews. Also, consider offering discounts to clients who recommend you to others; this word-of-mouth is indispensable for growing your business.

4. Use an application that fits your needs

Creating your own application that is consistent with you and your client’s needs can be a great way to make your business legitimate and trustworthy. Katapult is a white-label application that allows coaches to have their own unique application for their services. The app is completely customizable and allows you to keep all of your coaching needs in one area. Interested in trying it out? Contact us here:

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