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5 Positive Affirmations for Online Coaches

Contrary to popular belief, being an online coach and working for yourself is not as easy as it may seem. All coaches experience difficulty at one point in their career or another. This is where affirmations could be a life-changer for you. Affirmations are positive statements that state the truth and help challenge overwhelming negative thoughts in one’s mind. In this blog post, we want to share five affirmations that are meant for coaches, to encourage them to keep going even when the going gets tough. Using these affirmations will provide self-confidence, motivation, and empowerment to those who need it. Try repeating them in front of a mirror, writing them down in a journal, or putting them on post-it notes and displaying them near your workspace.

Keep reading to find out our five affirmations meant for online coaches!

1. This affirmation is useful because it recognizes the hard, but necessary work that a coach provides for their clients. Repeating this affirmation will help you remember the importance of the work that you do.

2. Affirmations like this one can help remind the online coach that they are lucky to have their own business that provides them with the freedom that others who work a 9-5 job dream of having. This affirmation also emphasizes the idea that you always have the freedom to decide which direction you want your business to go in.

3. There comes a point in all coaches’ careers where they hit a plateau in the number of clients they have. However, this is nothing to be discouraged about! Having even one single client is the gateway to future success in one’s business. Try repeating this affirmation to remind yourself that you are lucky to be where you are right now. This affirmation will also help you appreciate your clients even more.

4. Coaches are consistently there for their clients, on the good and the bad days. It is important that you also accept yourself in both easy and hard times. Repeating this affirmation asserts your willingness to accept yourself, and treat yourself as you would treat an appreciated client.

5. This final affirmation asserts your ability to become anything you want to be as long as you are determined. Your business can grow as long as you are committed to it and its success. This is a good one to keep in your workspace; it will help you keep going when you see no end in sight.

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