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E-coaching: Using Zoom? 10 reasons to also use Katapult to take your business to the next level!

E-coaching is on the rise during the COVID-19 crisis, and now is the time to either get started or perhaps grow your already existing business into something bigger. If you were not already involved in e-coaching, it is now essential in the face of this crisis. We are living in a crazy time, but now, more than ever is the time to discover new applications and software to take the next step in your business.

Are you currently using Zoom? Zoom is a video conferencing app that has become increasingly used since the COVID-19 breakout. It is used to conduct meetings, keep in touch with others, hold classes and lectures, and finally, for e-coaching purposes. All sorts of e-coaches use this application as it allows for the flexibility of one-on-one client meetings, along with the ability to hold group coaching sessions or meetings.

Katapult is not an alternative to Zoom, but it is a great application to use simultaneously with the software. Keep reading to see ten features that Katapult offers supplementarily to Zoom and why this application will help e-coaches rise to the next level in their business.

1. Personalized client file

Every client can create their personalized profile which will host their ‘avatar.’ This digital twin will integrate information that comes from the various tests and surveys that the e-coach will offer.

2. One-on-one discussions with clients

Zoom is often used for group calls, so the one-on-one interaction between coaches and clients is lost. The secure messaging feature on Katapult allows coaches and clients to have one on one discussions, tailored and personalized for the client’s needs. No phone number necessary!

3. Consult with your clients during your free time

Zoom allows you only to work with clients in real-time, which can constrain coaches who only have a limited amount of time. At Katapult, we know that life happens. Katapult allows e-coaches to consult and advise their clients later when you have the time. If a client sends you a message or a photo using the secure messaging feature, Katapult will allow you to get back to them when you have the time.

4. Payments directly in the application

One of the most significant downsides of Zoom is that it does not allow coaches to be paid for their services. Payment can be a big issue and requires a considerable deal of organization on the part of the coach. E-coaches can ensure they will be appropriately compensated for their valued services with Katapult. Clients can pay a fee directly in the application for e-coaching services. This can be either a monthly membership fee or perhaps a one-time payment for various Smartplans or events that an e-coach may offer.

5. Earn money even in off-peak hours

As shown, e-coaches can consult and advise their clients 24/7 through the application with the messaging feature. Coaches can earn money outside of standard business hours, which is a huge plus.

6. Create automated training programs

In the web interface, e-coaches can create automated programs. These programs, which are called ‘Smartplans,’ contain customized content from the e-coach, ranging from videos, tests, training sessions, and more. These Smartplans will be sent directly to the user on the desired date. This feature is an excellent addition to Zoom, as it allows you to coach and to send programs to your clients without the hassle of being live on Zoom.

7. Marketplace feature

This feature is important for e-coaches who want to sell their automated training programs. The marketplace allows coaches to sell their plans, in turn increasing their revenues without losing additional time out of their day.

8. Post videos, including old Zoom calls

With Katapult, e-coaches can upload videos. Given that Zoom allows the user to record video calls and meetings, Katapult will enable the e-coach to upload this content directly to the app. This means that those who missed a session or would like to re-access previous content would be able to with Katapult.

9. Customizable application

Katapult is a white-label e-coaching application that allows e-coaches to completely customize their application for their business, down to the color and font choices.

10. Everything all in one user-friendly application

Was everything you read previously attractive? Well, imagine having all of these features in one single application. Katapult is the future of e-coaching right at your fingertips. Are you interested in trying out our application? Contact us here!

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