Power of Attorney

I agree, acting in the capacity of PRINCIPAL, to give power of attorney to Katapult SA, EPFL Innovation Park, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland, acting in the capacity of AGENT,

to perform all the operations mentioned below as I could do it myself:

In particular, the agent will be able to:

- Represent me in all the steps necessary for the creation, configuration and maintenance of my account Apple ID, Apple Developer, Google, Google Developer, Stripe as well as the acceptance of the various general conditions necessary for the execution of these tasks.

- Cash, via its IT tool and the recognized payment systems set up, the amounts resulting from my services on Katapult applications.

- Pay me the amounts due to me, according to the deadlines and conditions mentioned in the agreement with Katapult SA.

For the above-mentioned purposes, the Agent may sign and execute all useful deeds and documents and do all that is necessary to carry out the missions for which it has been expressly mandated.

This power of attorney shall be immediately revoked by the termination of the contract between the principal and the representative, or upon request by registered letter of one of the two parties.

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