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Katapult at the Youth Olympic Games 2020

The Youth Olympic Games 2020 were a success for all of the athletes, but also for Katapult! Thanks to our partnership with four main institutions from the canton of Vaud, we were able to have a presence and display our developments and applications front and center at the Health for Performance pavilions.

Health for Performance was a collaboration between the organizers of Lausanne 2020, the universities in the canton of Vaud and the CHUV hospital. This partnership promoted many small tests and activities that strived to aid in the athletes training, while also warning them of any risks or concerns for their health. Health for Performance contained many different interactive activities, such as the ‘mini-moi,’ which is a three-dimensional avatar for athletes which comprised their musculoskeletal features and also analyzed their strengths and weaknesses. Featured on our side were the Pandafit and the Bodylat application. The Health for Performance area was not only for athletes; all of the attendees of the Youth Olympic Games could also test their balance, coordination, athleticism, and muscular characteristics thanks to this pavilion.

Firstly, our Pandafit machine was showcased. It was featured both at the Vortex, and at the Vaudoise Arena, along with other places. The Pandafit is an apparatus that measures one’s balance while also helps strengthen core muscles with just a few minutes of practice. While standing on the Pandafit’s platform, you are simulating a panda skiing, while simultaneously improving one’s balance. The best part of the Pandafit machine is the fact that you feel like you are playing a game while you are actually using your muscles and improving your balance!

Both the athletes and the general public loved the game and it was a great success! Learn more about our Pandafit here:

Bodylat was also featured, which is an application developed by the Katapult team. This application measures one’s musculoskeletal characteristics. Bodylat was available for both athletes and the public and allowed participants to learn more about their muscles and their articulation. Watch our Bodylat application and our Pandafit apparatus being featured on the Swiss news channel RTS here!

We are very pleased with the turnout for Katapult at the Youth Olympic Games 2020 in our home city of Lausanne, Switzerland. We had many clients and partners come and visit and participate in many activities with us. They were able to catch a hockey game with us and also see the Pandafit being installed at the Health for Performance pavilion. The 2020 Youth Olympic Games were a huge success, which allowed us to further promote our application and devices to the larger public.

Katapult at the Youth Olympic Games
Katapult at the Youth Olympic Games

Many thanks to our clients and partners, we would not be here without you!

Read more about the Health for Performance pavilion here:

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