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5 Self-care habits to implement in 2020

As the new decade starts, we are all hoping to improve and grow in order to become the best version of ourselves. Here at Katapult, we would like to recommend five habits that can be easily incorporated into all of our lives. These five practices can drastically change your life, both physically and mentally. Have a look below at our recommendations!

1. Time in nature

In a busy fast-paced world, it is difficult for us to find time to enjoy nature. However, this is a mistake, as spending time outside in nature reduces our risk for many common diseases, including cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. It also significantly reduces stress and anxiety levels. (Source: How about using your lunch break to get in a nice walk and taking a break from office life? Making time for even a thirty-minute walk or light jog outside daily in green spaces can make a world of difference for our physical and mental health.

2. Daily mindfulness/meditation practice

In the 24 hours given to us every day, we hardly take time for ourselves and time to just give our thinking minds a break. This adds quite a lot of stress onto our bodies and minds, which are begging us to slow down. Incorporating a daily mindfulness and meditation practice can add a world of benefits to our lives. For example, a daily meditation practice can lower your blood pressure, decrease anxiety and stress levels, and eliminate various pains in the body. Meditation also improves your ability to focus, your creativity, and your ability to connect with others (Source: It appears that meditation is what we all need when trying to make the most of our lives!

3. Digital detox

What exactly is a digital detox? A digital detox is a period of time spent away from our phones, computers, and televisions. This can start as little as two hours per day without technology, and slowly build up to a full twenty-four hours. You will not believe the amount of time you previously spent scrolling aimlessly through social media, and all the other activities that can be accomplished during a digital detox. You will realize right away that you spent so much time scrolling and checking emails that not only will your schedule suddenly clear up, you will also have more opportunities to connect with people around you face-to-face. You will become more conscious of your surroundings, and you will contemplate more clearly. The benefits are endless; and you will start to crave this time more and more every week.

4. Waking up earlier

We are all wanting to make the most out of every day, and the best way to do this is by waking up an hour or two hours earlier than we normally would. Although the first few days may be difficult, eventually your body will adjust and you will feel incredible. Waking up earlier allows us to find time to get in that workout we have been putting off, that daily meditation practice to reduce stress and anxiety, or some journaling time for reflection. In 2020, waking up earlier will allow us to ditch the excuses and make the most out of every day.

5. Consider e-coaching

E-coaching is a huge trend going into 2020 and we know why; the benefits that e-coaching can bring you and your clients in 2020 are enormous! Consider adopting e-coaching to get off to the best start in 2020. E-coaching allows you to provide more material and content for your clients and allows you access to all of your clients at your fingertips with the click of a button. If you already have a coach, talk to them about Katapult, our white-label coaching app available for coaches and businesses. An application like ours allows you to have all of your material in one place, connect with clients more frequently and with more ease, and finally, expand your clientele. Adopting e-coaching is beneficial for you as you will save time and gain money, and at the same time, you can also benefit your clients' lives by offering that integral push of motivation, simply through your application.

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