Fitness Club

Talk with your clients and your team

Interact with your customers in one-on-one conversations or in conversation groups using the application's chat. Send all types of documents, take photos and videos, etc...

Track your customers' progress

Create forms and find your customers' information in their avatars. An equivalent of the physical file where you can consult their personal data, objectives and motivations, their number of weekly visits, in order to fully know them and personalize your offers.

Create training programs

Easily create workout programs that you can pre-program so that the content is automatically sent to your clients in a timely manner. Your programs can contain images, videos, workouts, quizzes and encouraging messages.

Monetize your services

Get paid for your knowledge and advice through the creation of paid discussion groups. Discover examples of services you can add to your catalogue on the next page. Your customers pay for everything via the app and you no longer have to manage the follow-up.

Create events

Do you want to organize events without having to manage registrations? That's great, participants can register for an event and even pay for it directly in the app.

Store your content

You can now take a photo/video with your phone and store it directly on the platform, fill in forms, create training sessions and record sports activities. All in one click from the home page.


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