Case Studies

What our clients have achieved with Katapult

  • Youth Olympic Games

    A team composed of experts and coaches from the CSS Sports center of the University of Lausanne and EPFL was sent to Buenos Aires with the aim of testing young athletes and giving them feedback on their musculoskeletal strengths and weaknesses.


    Coaches would take various body measurements via tools connected to the Katapult app including tests like the bodylat and checklat which were developed at the CSS Sports center. According to the results, the app would then generate an automatic report showing the athlete’s weaknesses and exercises perfectly adapted to improve his condition. In total, 1700 athletes were tested during the games !

  • Nestlé (Nestmove)

    Katapult was the platform used by 3 main public actors of the health sector: the SUVA (Swiss insurance company), Health Promotion Switzerland and the Federal Office of Public Health during a pilot project at Nestlé Waters.


    The main objective was to improve the physical condition and sense of well-being of the participants and the secondary objective was to demonstrate the feasibility and acceptance of such a program in a company. Katapult was chosen as the online platform to execute the health campaign i.e. sending health messages to employees, track their test results and improvements, create targeted trainings, etc.

  • Décrochons la lune

    Katapult was used as a support for a local initiative whose aim was to raise money for 3 associations: COOKIE, the planet foundation for sick children and Special Olympics Switzerland. The app allowed participants to track the number of kilometers they they completed every day. Their friends and family could also sponsor the association of their choice for 1CHF per kilometer completed. 


    The name of the initiative comes from the main goal which was that the overall number of km ran or biked, swam would total the distance between the earth and the moon. There were more than 2000 participants and they managed to go twice around the globe with 91'000km!

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